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A pair of star crossed lovers …

Added 5 years ago

This year we are taking part in the Shakespeare Schools festival for the fifth time.  Our chosen play is Romeo and Juliet.  Year 10 GCSE drama students are very busy rehearsing a 30 minute version of the play at lunchtime and after school.  Last Monday we took part in a cast workshop which was run by a team professional actors. They watched a 5 minute snippet from our play and then gave us valuable feedback and acting hints and tips. Our sound and lighting technician Jacob Moran also got the chance to discuss his ideas for the script with the Hall for Cornwall team.
We will be performing Romeo and Juliet at The Hall for Cornwall on 6th November at 7pm. There will be three other schools performing a variety of Shakespeare’s well known works on the night.  Come along and support Richard Lander in their version of a tale of love and loss …!

Cast list
Prince Escalus – Cathy Bennett, Paris – Joe Webster,
Montague – Charlotte Milliner, Capulet – Grace Fawcitt
Romeo – James Pearn
Mercutio – Mina Cuffwright Benvolio – Tee Stevens
Tybalt – Cam Hughes
Juliet – Lauren Healey
Nurse – Libby Simmons
Lady Montague - Eloise Ireland,
Lady Capulet – Nyasha Muzarurwi, Friar Lawrence – Todd Lowe
Friar John – Chris Dash
Balthazaar – Edie Llewellyn Sampson – Ellie Meyers
Greogory – Millie Ashurst
Abraham – Emily Cheetham
An Apothecary – Chloe Hall
Citizens, Revellers and others
Alisha Beattie,  Emily Meadows,  Naomi Lynham,  Eloise Rapsey,  Megan Roberts,  Rajani Adhikari,  Evie Oliver, Chloe Lovering,  Chrissy Warren,  Matt Cole,  Alisha Khalil, Kate Hardman, Connie Downing,.
Pictured below: Year 10 rehearsing the ball scene from Romeo and Juliet 

Richard Lander School