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Young Enterprise Launch Event at Kingsley Village

Added 6 years ago

Report by Tegen Shipp - Year 10

On the second of October, some members of both of Richard Lander’s Young Enterprise teams visited Kingsley Village for the 2014/2015 launch event.

Young Enterprise is a charity which aims to enable people to learn different skills to help them enhance their business knowledge, through starting up their own business for one year. You have to manage finance, sales, marketing and product design as well as having a managing director and a human resources manager. You have to work as a team to create a product to sell to the public and them progress through different competitions.

At the launch event we were introduced to the YE year and what we have to look forward to and then we met our business advisor, Neil Chamberlain from CNC Design Limited, who helped us to brainstorm  some  product and service ideas for the upcoming ‘KNOT Box.’

Overall we had a really productive day which has helped us to progress and work on our product. We look forward to the first trade event which is a Christmas Trade Stall on Lemon Quay on Sunday 7th December.

Find Knotbox, our 2014/2015 Young Enterprise company pictured below with Neil Chamberlain on Twitter  @kNotboxYE  To find out what a ‘knotbox’ is watch this space..








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