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By Robin Howard and Blaise Hinshelwood - Year 7
On the 1st of October 2014, all Year 7 students of Richard Lander School were assigned homework to design and create their own French hat, and bring it into school and show it in class. There was a wide range of hats including a giant replica of the Arc de Triomphe. Also, there was a hat which featured living snails and one featuring French inventions, such as the aqua lung, pasteurisation and the hot air balloon. Chocolate prizes were awarded to the creators of the best hats.
Some children wrote about their brilliant time at French hat day: “My thoughts about French hat day were that it was very fun. I really liked the fact that we had to make our own hats, and we learnt an awesome new song which we sung in the hall. We also got to make Origami Eiffel towers, which were the best! Although my hat didn’t win, I still had a really great time!”
“I enjoyed French hat day because all of the hats which were homemade were incredible! Also, I enjoyed speaking to Florian (a visitor from Belgium). Also I loved the song that was being played – Aux Champs Elysees - Everyone had a great time!”

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