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Year 7 Art Trips to Geevor and Falmouth

Added 5 years ago

Report by Georgina Laity and Jhaenelle Gray - Year 7

Drawing boats outside in the sunshine at The Maritime Museum, Falmouth was a great way to spend the day. All of year 7                                                                                                                                      were out and about on various art trips around Cornwall.  

Some students went to Geevor Mines where they took part in panning, underground walks and drawing the industrial landscape.

In Falmouth the other students walked through the town to the Art Gallery, where they interpreted paintings in the exhibit, Brilliant Colours. They also painted certain pieces of art. Briskly the students then walked to The Maritime Museum where they looked at the Kurt Jackson exhibition and drew some of the boats that were suspended from the ceiling.  After going down below water level, the children trekked up the tower to the very top to admire the stunning view over the harbour of Falmouth. Finally, narrowly avoiding the frequent rain showers, they went outside to sketch boats from a different angle.
Everyone then returned to Richard Lander safely after an amazing day out.  

Mrs Aspin - Head of Art - went on the Geevor Mine trip
At Geevor students had a fascinating tour of the mines, exploring the working conditions the miners endured. Students panned for  precious stones and took a learning walk underground! Students drew the spectacular surrounding landscape and the architectural structures of the mine workings
A fantastic time was had by all and students behaviour and questioning was superb!
We look forward to responding to these visits in our year 7 Art lessons. 


Richard Lander School