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Head for the Day

Added 5 years ago

Report by Samuel Hillary – Year 8

As part of Richard Lander’s Tenner Relay challenge, in which the school was challenged to make as much money as possible in 24 hours from a single tenner, students had the opportunity to buy teachers for a day with each teacher offering something different. The Headteacher said whoever bought him would win the prize of being ‘Head for the day.’
In the end Jacob Moran, Ollie Prichard and Caleb Englefield got together, emptied their pockets, and paid £68.40 for him, winning themselves this prize.
They only had three days preparation to organise this event, which was happening for the first time ever at Richard Lander School and unfortunately Caleb Englefield was away on holiday but on the last day before the Easter holiday, the other two arrived at school ready and raring to go. On the day, Jacob Moran had to give the Staff Briefing at the start of day which he said was “the most challenging aspect of the whole process.” He then also gave the morning tannoy to the entire school which told everyone of the events that would be taking place throughout the day including: free non-school uniform, a student teacher football match, the Lego movie playing in the main hall during extended lunchtime, and best of all being able to pay your way out of lessons and then chill out in the staffroom.
During the day the Heads and their team of senior staff patrolled the corridor putting students in charge of lessons for 10 minutes at a time without worrying about teachers telling them off for chewing gum. For lunch, the Heads and SLT ordered Dominoes pizza and had it delivered to the school to eat in the Headmaster’s office!
The day was a huge success, Jacob & Oli both said they thoroughly enjoyed it and would love to do it again, Jacob added that he thought if something like this was to happen again, and he could take part, that he would have a better understanding of what works and he thinks he could make the day better. All the students said they enjoyed it although whether the staff did is a whole other matter. Mr Mulcahy – the schools usual Headteacher – said “… Jacob and Oli had the dubious privilege of becoming Headteacher for the day.  In a recent charity auction, they paid to take on this responsibility and planned a range of activities for the day which went very well.  I hope they learnt from the experience – I certainly learnt from their example!”

In the end the day raised a staggering £668.75 for the schools charity ‘Lander for Uganda.’

Pictures: Students buy ‘Staff’ Room chill out time. Oli enjoys his lunch. Mr Gibson gets told off for his uniform and the very popular Staff vs Student football.


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