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Indian Takeaway Night for Lander for Uganda

Added 4 years ago

Friday 24th October saw the Lander for Uganda fundraising team try something new. Science teacher, Mrs Sen Gupta, helped by her son Abu (Year 10) and her mother, cooked an authentic Indian Take Away menu of Chicken curry, Potato and Cauliflower curry, Dahl, Pilau rice and Naan bread which was available for staff to buy and take home. This proved to be a very popular venture with around 30 potions of each dish being sold.  

After all the ingredients had been paid for, almost £300 was collected for the Lander for Uganda fund and everyone agreed that the food was truly delicious. Many of the dishes were vegan and gluten free which meant nearly everyone could enjoy this opportunity.

We would like to thank Mrs Sen Gupta and her family for all their hard work. Cooking for more than 60 people is a huge undertaking. We also hope that she will cook for us again in the new year!




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