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Code breaking for Year 10 Mathematicians with Exeter University

Added 4 years ago

Report by Kayleigh Yates and Andreea Cioara - Year 10

On 15th December 11 students went to the Penryn Campus of Exeter University to discover different ways of using maths and to study how it has been used in the past.

On arrival, we went to the lecture theatre and we enjoyed listening to how cipher codes were used during World War 2. We created our own codes which was slightly challenging, but fun. As well as this, all of us learnt how maths is regularly used for many things and in many subjects. (History, Science, Engineering etc.)

After this, we had break, before being split into 4 teams to do separate activities. All of them involved maths and interesting information. One activity included statistics. Within this, we played a mini game show where we were asked to pick one of three doors. The aim of the game was to win a car. Whichever doors didn’t have a car behind, had a goat instead. After choosing our first door, another was opened which revealed a goat. We then had the choice of sticking to our chosen door or switching. The results showed that the majority of people who swapped were more likely to win the car.

For the last part of the trip, a Dragon quiz took place. We teamed up with other students from different schools to try and make the longest dragon, by answering many challenging questions. Many people thought this was the best part of the day, as it was fun and engaging, and you got to mix with other schools.

Overall, the day was very enjoyable and has made us think about taking maths beyond GCSE level, and understand how important maths can be in our lives.






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