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The Clothes Show Live

Added 4 years ago

by Ashley Devlin  - Year 10

In December 2015, 48 students travelled to Birmingham to visit the NEC, which was hosting The Clothes Show Live.  We had to leave school early; by 5 am; to make sure we arrived so we could have enough time to have a good look around. The bus journey took a while, with some people singing, some trying to sleep and others eating. When we arrived, we were all overwhelmed by the size of the event and how many people there were. The day we went (Friday 4th December) was when all of the other schools also attended so the atmosphere was filled with excitement. 

There was a line of high street brands such as, Rimmel, individual boutiques, celebrities and a range of different catwalk shows, showing collections by upcoming designers.

 The highlight was the main fashion show in the NEC arena. It featured high street brands showing the latest trends and there was a performance by the singer Rae Morris, followed by clothes being shown in a theatrical performance which used the themes of underwater, pure, ice, and fire. 

We were lucky enough to see a range of different of celebrities from the popular TV show Made In Chelsea, such as, Jamie, Andy and Binky. We also saw, Joey Essex and Carol Wright from the TV show TOWIE


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