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Language Ambassador’s workshop

Added 4 years ago

Reported by Sam Stephens - Year 9

On Friday the 5th of February a group of students attended a Language Ambassador’s workshop with 4 students from Truro College who are studying languages. Firstly they introduced themselves and told us what languages they study which included Italian and Spanish, as well as showing us a presentation detailing why languages are important including some statistics. They also told us about trips they have been on and answered some questions.

Following this we took part in a crossword in teams where we had to work out which country the clues linked to and then fill them in the language of that country. We also played a game where you had to roll a dice and do the command on it, such as “Count to ten in French,” “Say goodbye in German,” and “Name 5 foods from different countries.” Finally, for the last part of the workshops we got to try traditional foods from other countries including baguettes from France, feta cheese from Greece as well as olives from Mediterranean countries such as Spain.   

In my opinion the food tasting part was the most enjoyable as well as the crossword game. The workshops taught us how languages are useful in employment such as when working abroad and also was a fun way of learning new languages and learning things about other countries. 


Richard Lander School