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Story Characters Take Over Classrooms for World Book Day

Added 4 years ago

Report by Ellie Young

World Book Day is a celebration of authors, illustrators, books and most importantly, it’s a celebration of reading. It’s the biggest celebration of its kind and is marked in over 100 countries all over the world. 

On the 24th February 2016, Year 7 students arrived at school dressed as a variety of different fictional characters. This ranged from:  old classics such as Alice in Wonderland to modern favourites like Diary of a Wimpy Kid. The day was filled with a wide spectrum of fun workshops and activities for the year 7s to participate in. 

The activities included: identifying and improving words, which helped to develop a more sophisticated vocabulary; creating heroes and villains, then presenting them to the rest of the class; changing traditional fairy tales to make them their own, which they then rehearsed and performed, to help improve their confidence in front of their peers, finally the students had to create stories after being given a selection of different items to write about. The items they were given helped them to expand and build on their ideas.

The villain workshop proved to be the most popular activity among students:

“I liked the fact that you could draw rather than just writing and the topic in general was very interesting.” – Milo Herivel.

“I enjoyed it when we guessed the villains and especially when we got sweets!” – Maddison Pippin.

The students particularly enjoyed the more interactive activities as it allowed them to express themselves in ways other than words.

It wasn’t only year 7 students that took part in World Book Day; year 9 students also dressed in wacky costumes to lead the day alongside English teachers. In the weeks leading up to World Book Day, the selected year 9s worked with a teacher to create a fun and exciting workshop for the year 7s to participate in. This enabled the younger years to learn with people in a similar age group. It turned out that the year 9s did such a good job, that some students thought they could be teachers in the future:

“The year 9s should be hired as teachers!” – Abby Rowling

Overall, World Book Day was a great success, with students winning prizes for their excellent costumes, these being:

Rosie Elliott, Kit White, Jasmine Tuff, Callum Curtis (Oompa Loompas below), Hannah Fish and Hank Flynn.

All students had a great day and we hope it will be just as spectacular next year!




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