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Year 7 Enjoy the Roller Coaster Challenge

Added 4 years ago

Year 7 Enjoy the Roller Coaster Challenge

Science week saw the return of the roller-coaster challenge for Year 7 students. Students were given 4 lessons to design a roller-coaster using an online simulator, learn how to calculate speed and finally to create a company to design a rollercoaster using their budget of £8! The rules of the challenge stated that the ‘cart’ must reach a speed of over 0.5 m/s, the structure must reach over 60cm in height, the track had to have at least one loop and speed had to be reduced slowly to prevent whiplash.

Overall, it was a great week and students thoroughly enjoyed the STEM challenge!

If you want to design your own rollercoaster you can try this online: http://content3.jason.org/resource_content/content/digitallab/4859/misc_content/public/coaster.html

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