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Year 8 Make Models for Science Week

Added 4 years ago

Year 8 have spent the last few weeks making models to enter into a competition this week to mark British Science Week. They had the choice of a Physics model; this year the theme being “Space”; a Chemistry model of an atom; or a Biology model of an internal organ. This year group have excelled in the quality of their entries with a huge number of Solar Systems and planets,  rockets and even the International Space station. There were model atoms made of everything imaginable; from polystyrene, wood or metal  to cake. In terms of organs,  there were delicate ears, functioning hearts and lungs as well as a rice crispie brain! The best entries were put forward to the final and judging took place on Friday. The winner was a fantastic Solar System with lights that even connected to a motor to make the planets orbit the Sun. Wow! Well done to Melanie Hewitt! In second place was Ellis Baldry with a fantastic heart; connected carefully to a pump with a bottle of blood which worked perfectly. And in joint third place was Pretty Girl Lee who made a huge model eye cake as well as  Emily Wright who made a model egg cell in the process of being fertilised!
All of the models that made it to the final were awarded a Highly Commended.
Well done to anyone who took part.

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