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Truro Combined Schools Art Project

Added 4 years ago

The ‘Kernow Tapestry’ that we have been working on with year 8 as part of the Truro Combined Schools Art project was finally completed. The piece showed the history of Cornwall from the big bang to present day. It incorporated printing, stitching , painting and various other techniques. It was a really inclusive collaborative project that all of Year 8 were part of.
We went to the Lander Gallery and displayed it ready for the exhibition. It had a prominent position near the entrance of the gallery and was really eye catching. It was also really good to see how all the other local schools had interpreted the theme this year and there was a really diverse range of work on show. On the evening of the 10th March students, parents and staff were invited along to see a preview of the exhibition. The evening started with a dance display by students from all the schools involved. They had spent the day in a workshop at Truro School to develop a dance to coincide with the exhibition. The dance really showed off the skills of all the students and was a great way to start the evening. Students and parents were then able to take a good look around the exhibition and see all the work that had been produced. The exhibition then continued for the next week and we had lots of really positive comments about the work that had been produced by Richard Lander students.

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