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Abseiling for Uganda

Added 4 years ago

On Saturday 9th April 20 fearless souls stood at the top of a vertical 120’ cliff. With the unpredictable weather causing some concern, each participant slowly (or not so slowly for some) lowered themselves over the edge and took their first terrifying steps down the cliff face.

Everyone was safe in the knowledge that they were doing this to raise money for a worthy cause, Lander for Uganda, through sponsorship and overcoming their own fears to help others.  Some relished the excitement and adrenaline filled event,  while others had a case of ‘Elvis leg’ but all completed  the abseil and are now in the process of collecting sponsorship money. 

We are expecting that this event, kindly organised by Nicki John, will raise well in excess of £2000. A tremendous total - Well done! 

Participants were: Amy, Anya, Ashley, Beccy, Chloe, Dulcie, Ella, Ifan, Jacob, Jade, Kitty, Kyran, Miss Downing, Miss Myners, Lottie, Lowenna, Miriam Richardson, Nicki John, Rudy, Saffron and Stella. 

“Every single abseiler was incredibly brave today and even though hanging over the edge of a 110 foot sheer quarry-cliff just doesn’t feel natural (by any stretch of one’s imagination), each and every ‘Lander for Uganda Abseiler’ took up the challenge and descended the massive drop, with courage and determination.  They seemingly conquered any fears they might have had with ease.  I believe they all learned a great lesson and skill-set for their future lives as embracing new challenges, no matter how scary, brings great experience, and develops one’s  inner confidence and pride. I am so proud of them all and hopefully together we will have raised lots of money for the impoverished Ugandan children, which the team will be meeting and helping in person in June and July.’  Brilliant team effort – job well done!’

Event Organiser, Nicki (Lowenna’s Mum) 

Richard Lander School