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Greenpower International Final at Rockingham Motor Speedway

Added 3 years ago


This weekend our very dedicated and competitive Greenpower team are travelling to the most important event of their year, the International Final at Rockingham Motor Speedway. Having competed since 2007, the team managed to get second place out of 75 finalists last year with their best car, RLR2. This year they are entering 3 cars and are determined to give it everything they’ve got. Could this be the year Richard Lander Racing bring the World Championship Greenpower title to Cornwall?

Over 200 cars from all around the country have taken place in the qualifying rounds. Between 75-80 will be allowed to compete in the final. The cars we are sending to the Rockingham Final are:

RLR2 –  built from scratch - 2nd last year – had a catastrophic crash where the axle snapped at Newquay earlier this year, has now been rebuilt  - RLR2 qualified at Goodwood in June and is 4th on the starting grid.

RLR3 – tipped to be even better than RLR2! - a new car also built from scratch. The team spent the summer holidays working on it, it has a carbon fibre chassis – it qualified at Castle Combe despite having a few teething problems and is 15th on the starting grid. The team have spent all week working on this one..

RLRK – a kit car  - qualified at Goodwood in June, mainly for younger students to drive, yet still 30th on the starting grid for all cars and 1st on the starting grid for kit cars.

You can follow the races live here ...
or check out their Richard Lander Racing Facebook page!


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