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Notice from Student Support - School Buses

Added 3 years ago

We have been passed concerns about the behaviour of a small number of Richard Lander students on the school buses. We investigate all complaints and, when we are able to identify perpetrators, issue sanctions as necessary. In some cases we have felt it appropriate to write a warning letter explaining that in the event of future misconduct we will request that the local Authority withdraw their bus pass for a period of time.

We recognise that the behaviour of the vast majority of our students is excellent on the journey to and from school. However, please could all parents/carers of students on school buses remind their children of the importance of good behaviour at these times for both passenger comfort and safety.

Should you or your child have any concerns about specific behaviour on the school service buses please contact your child’s Pastoral Manager in the first instance:

Mrs Gibson (Year 7)

Mrs Anderson (Year 8)

Mr Matthews (Year 9)

Mr Tonkin (Year 10)

Mr Twelves (Year 11)

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