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Leadership at Richard Lander School

Added 3 years ago


Congratulations to all Year 11s who have been selected as Senior Leaders for 2016/2017. Here is more on the different student leadership options. 

SENIOR LEADER – Year 11 students selected by ELT to represent their Community and the School, based on their previous school performance, a written application and personal interviews.

COMMUNITY LEADER – Year 11 students selected by the Heads Of Community to assist in supporting Community and Senior Leaders.

LOCAL LEADER – All year groups for local community service linked with residential home visits, charity work, playgroup involvement, primary school participation, beach cleans etc. SUBJECT LEADER - Open to all year groups. Includes senior members/mentors/monitors from subjects, teams, clubs, school areas including the Library, Dining Hall, DT/Science Technicians Areas... Can also include Sports Leaders, a highly regarded & successful programme. Selected by any support, teaching or school staff.

INTERACT LEADER – Year 10/11. Overseas focus (Uganda, Disaster Relief, on-going Charity work).

STUDENT COUNCIL – Two groups – Tutor representatives from Years 7, 8, 9 & 10 and Year 11 Senior Leaders. This is a group of students who are passionate, eloquent & pro-active, who wish to actively be involved in all aspects of the schools ongoing development. Selected by tutors.

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