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What's Going On: Krakow and Berlin 2014

RLS Visit to Krakow and Berlin 2014

Added 7 months ago

Thanks to our Y11 students Georgiana, Caitlin, Beth and Eluned for their account below.

At 5am last Monday morning 37 students and 4 staff set off for their GCSE study visit to Krakow and Berlin. The 5 day visit included study visits to Auschwitz, The Salt mines, Check point Charlie, Topography of Terror , Stasi prison, The East side Gallery and the Holocaust Memorial. Students were also able to enjoy a boat cruise on the River Spree, views of Berlin from the TV tower as well as a trip to a German Ice Cream Parlour! The students were a real credit to the school often asking really thoughtful questions at the various sites we visited. Their behaviour was excellent throughout the trip and many guides commented on their maturity and sensitivity. Thank you as always to Miss Rickatson, Mr Brooker and Mr Anstee for their help and company on the visit.

Mrs R Jarvis
Head of Humanities

"Last week some GCSE history students went on a school trip to Krakow and Berlin. We met at school at 5am on Monday; although it was early we feel that a few missed hours of sleep was a worthwhile sacrifice! Our week’s activities started the moment we arrived with a visit to the salt mines of Poland. There we were led through a maze of salt rock at a depth of more than 100 meters.

The following day we visited two of the main Auschwitz Camps which were situated 3 kilometres away from each other. This was one of the most memorable and eye opening experience we’ve ever had. Our tour was very emotional and thought provoking as we walked around in a stunned silence, an experience we will never forget! After an interesting day in Auschwitz we drove over night from Poland in order to get to the heart of Berlin.

After a few hours’ sleep we went on a visit to the Stasi Prison where we heard all about the treatment of prisoners and even listened to incredible stories of real people and their challenging ordeals. Next we also got to enjoy a boat cruise where we saw Berlin from the river. Later that day we visited the Berlin TV tower and got to experience the best view possible of the city!

The next day in Berlin we visited the topography of terror where we learnt all about the SS and Gestapo and especially about Himmler. That evening we had the treat of visiting the renowned Hard Rock Café and even challenged the teachers to an exciting but competitive game of Bowling!

On our final day we walked along the East Side Gallery displaying a part of the Berlin wall’s Impressive
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art work such as the Fraternity
Kiss. Later on we walked past Reichstag, the German parliament building and encountered some more historical sites such as the Brandenburg Gate opposing the famous victory column. We also walked around the very appropriate Holocaust Memorial which is located above what used to be Hitler’s bunker

Finally it was time to return to the hotel and begin our trip home, it was an amazing week with many new friends made and photos taken! It is certainly a trip none of us will ever forget!"

Richard Lander School