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What's Going On: Sports Day 2014

Rame - Lame No More!

Report by Nesta Griffiths and Jessica Georgelin– Year 7

Richard Lander School was blessed with brilliant weather, as on Thursday 3rd July the sun came out to celebrate Sports Day, which the students really enjoyed. The day was a great success with 27 records broken.
There were several multi record breakers, including Frank Holmes in year 7, who broke the 200m and high jump; Head Boy, Cameron Sykes, who beat the 300m and long jump records; Taig Stevens in year 9, who excelled in the 800m and high jump and Head Girl, Georgia Doyle-Lay, smashed the 200m, long jump, shot put and relay with her teammates.
Due to high jump being an event which takes a very long time, the year 7 and 8 high jump events took place on different days during lunch time. The girls’ event occurred on Monday, and although it was break time lots of loyal Richard Lander students chose to come out and support their friends during their free time, whilst the boys’ competition took place on Tuesday. However the year 9 and 10 high jump was on the day itself.
On the day non-competitors, as well as supporting their friends, could take part in several other activities such as volley-ball, football, tennis and tug of war. Pedalling their way to the top, Sustrans created a bike powered liquidiser to produce healthy yet delicious smoothies. Ice creams were sold in aid of C.L.I.C.(Cancer and Leukaemia In Children) and this raised nearly £1,000 from selling ices at affordable prices.
Rame, for the first time ever, won sports day, however by only 6 points. Rame have previously sometimes been unkindly named “Lame Rame.” Mr Gibson was so chuffed that he picked P.E. teacher, Miss Meek up and hugged her.
Unfortunately this is our last year of hearing Mr Gilbert’s amazing commentator skills as he will be leaving us this summer after 22 years of reporting and entertaining us during the races.
More photographs and information on records broken, and results for all year groups will be available on the school website and Facebook page soon.
Year 7: Harry Lampier—300m; Frank Holmes—200m, High Jump; Sam Gapp—800m; Cameron Bishop -Discus; Lizzie Peverley-Barber— 1500m; Chelsi D'Silva—High Jump; Jess Oddy—Discus.
Year 8: Abu Gupta—1500m; Kristina Catt—High Jump; Fiona Hammond—Shot.
Year 9: Max Everard—1500m; Jack Watts—100m; Taig Stevens—800m, High Jump; Hannah Smith—100m; Maya Groves—800m; Caitlin Bishop—Shot
Year 10: Cameron Sykes—300m, Long Jump, Rame Boys—4 x100m; Georgia Doyle-Lay –200m, Long Jump, Shot; Rame Girls—4 x100m; Erykah Allen—Javelin 

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