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Curriculum: Art

In Art, students learn to explore their creativity and expression. Cultural and contextual understanding is promoted through creative and practical responses. Imaginative risk taking is encouraged to assist in providing solutions to our material, emotional, social and virtual worlds.

The curriculum allows students to explore visual, tactile and other sensory experiences and to communicate ideas and meanings. They will be engaged, inspired and challenged to equip them with knowledge and skills to participate in, experiment with, invent and create their own works of art, craft and design. Students are encouraged to think creatively and critically and they reflect on their own as well as other people’s work.

They investigate and evaluate a wide range of creative outcomes from the past and present to develop an understanding of the many disciplines within art, craft and design and how they shape our history and future.

They will work with traditional and new media, developing confidence, imagination and creativity.

Beyond the curriculum students have a wealth of opportunities to develop their creative minds. There is a key stage 3 art club, art competitions, artist led workshops, City of Lights workshops and parade, joint school projects and a range of gallery trips within Cornwall and to London.


Richard Lander School