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Curriculum: Shanty Town

 Shanty Town

Some Year 9 classes recently completed a project on shanty towns. They learnt about ‘flavelas’ and places around the world where there is poor housing. They went on to design and make their own shanty house and learnt how to use 3D materials. They also looked at artists who have been influenced by these issues and through their work have highlighted the plight of poverty and poor housing.

The students produced really interesting houses, some of which showed great attention to detail with washing lines, windows and imaginative use of materials.

We decided to put the shanty houses together to create an installation piece, we put a large number of the houses together to recreate a favela and show the overcrowding that some people in the world face with their living conditions.

This art department invited students to come and view the installation  at lunchtime. It became quite a talking point!

Richard Lander School