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Curriculum: Year 7 Art Trips to St Ives and Geevor Mine

The Year 7 Art trips last week were a great success with all of Year 7 having the opportunity to go St Ives of Geevor tin mines for the day. At Geevor they were lucky enough to experience the mine and were able to get a sense of what it is like being underground. In St Ives students were able to see Barbara Hepworth’s amazing sculptures and see her workshop. It was great to see so many students sketching and drawing in the garden. They were also lucky enough to see a range of art work on display at the Tate including some work by Bridget Riley, the famous Op artist . They were fantastic days out and the students gained a great deal from the experience. There are student reports on each trip below.

Ms N Dalby - Head of Art

Geevor Art Trip

After a long journey we arrived at Geevor with great views of the sea. As soon as we got there we started to do rough sketches of things around us. We then had a tour in a building with big metal structures and shaking tables. After that, our groups were split and half of us went down into the tin mine and the other half did some panning. Being underground was really fun even though it was a narrow tunnel. When we came out we swapped and we then did some more sketches and we then set off home after a great day. 

Lily Burton - Year 7 

St Ives Art Trip

We arrived at St Ives about 10:30 after traveling on a coach. The first place we visited was the Barbara Hepworth museum. We saw sculptures and learnt  about a very talented lady called Barbara Hepworth. When we were there we looked around her garden and house and then we drew some of the sculptures.

After that we walked to the Tate gallery and explored the art on display . We saw some modern art. It was very authentic and colourful. Whilst there we answered some questions about some of the art on display and drew some of the paintings. I liked the big stained glass window that you see as you go inside the gallery.

After that we left the Tate and went to the seafront and we drew the great views. We could see the boats in the harbour and the houses around. It was a good day and I learnt a lot about art.

Leo Summers - Year 7

Richard Lander School