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Curriculum: Overview of Key Stage 4

Our commitment to a broad and balanced curriculum continues into Key Stage 4.

During Year 9 we work closely with students and their parents through the options process, so they are able to choose a Key Stage 4 course which plays to their interests and strengths and ensures clear post-16 progression.  This is a very important process, as students respond well to a more individualized, challenging and engaging curriculum which enables them to achieve of their best.

We provide a curriculum that offers breadth, balance and opportunity. The choices available for students are flexible, thereby allowing for personalisation by addressing students’ interests, abilities and aspirations.
We also incorporate the Government’s latest plans for the 14 - 19 curriculum. Students have the chance to follow both GCSE and vocational courses, where appropriate.

Many of our students also opt to take further GCSEs in one or two weekly after school sessions as a twilight. This particularly appeals to our more able students who want to add an extra qualification to their portfolio.

Full details of the curriculum are provided in the “KS4 Courses” booklet which is made available at the end of the Autumn term and is linked below. The majority of students currently take 9 or 10 full GCSEs.


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