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Curriculum: Design and Technology

In Design and Technology pupils combine practical and technological skills with creative thinking to design and make a range of products from a variety of materials. At Richard Lander School, Design Technology is more than just a subject.  It is a place where project management skills, portfolio skills and independent learning skills are honed. 

Students are introduced to the different technology work spaces and taught how to use the wide range of equipment the school possesses; from sewing machines to scroll saws, vacuum formers to laser cutters. As they progress through school the opportunities increase for students to learn more advanced processes and use more technical equipment such as the centre lathes, band saws and CNC equipment. Students learn to use current technologies and have opportunities to observe similar processes in industry. In addition, students are challenged to consider the impact of future technological developments and their impact as designers on the environment.

Beyond the curriculum, a range of exciting design and engineering based opportunities enable our students to further develop their skills.  As a result, each year sees students gaining county wide, and at times national, recognition through competitions.

During Design and Technology lessons at Richard Lander School, students are encouraged to think creatively, solve problems and work productively in teams and with independence. We are supporting the development of our future designers, engineers and entrepreneurs through a curriculum which seeks to engage and inspire.

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