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Curriculum: Debate Create at Falmouth University


‘Debate Create’ - A day of debate and interactive creative workshops at Falmouth University

On Friday 29th June, a group of Year 9 students were given the opportunity to visit Falmouth University with Mrs Nortje and Mr Gell for the annual Debate Create event. On arrival, we were invited to watch a panel of experts discuss what the world will be like in the future; topics ranged from artificial intelligence to migrants. Some of us posed questions to the panel that we had thought of at school, whilst all of us could vote in the interactive questions (such as “In the future there will be less jobs for humans. Do you agree or disagree?”). Once the debate had finished, everybody was split up into their groups – theatre, TV post production, creative advertising, journalism and photography. Each group’s task was to create something that they could then showcase to the attending schools.

Participants in the theatre workshop began by warming up with some collaborative exercises before deciding to base their work around the theme of robots outperforming humans and securing their jobs. The end product was a chilling performance depicting a robot dictatorship.

Meanwhile, the TV post production group learnt about the dangers refugees face in their countries. Together, they created a voice over for an emotive video about the hardships in war-torn countries.

The creative advertising group was given the option to promote either some existing technology or a trip to Mars. All of the work produced was of an extremely high quality, and some pieces added humour to the end presentations.

After a quick general knowledge quiz, everybody doing journalism had to make a two-minute video – including an interview – about the Cornwall School Games (which were taking place around the campus). They also made a short radio clip focused on the advantages and disadvantages of attending university, and even got to speak to prestigious journalist Kevin Bishop in Russia over Skype!

The photography group created some powerful images focused around homelessness before producing some futuristic pictures with torchlight. Additionally, some students made short animations by lying on the floor to make it seem like they were fighting, flying or walking.

Overall, the workshops were a huge success and allowed each of us to experience lots of new and interesting skills within the University environment.
Mrs Nortje and Caitlin Shaw (9TJAn)


Richard Lander School