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Curriculum: Reading at Richard Lander School

Reading at Richard Lander

Encouraging a child to read and fostering a love of reading is one of the greatest gifts that we can give them. Reading widely will undoubtedly assist in their academic success but also gives young people (and the rest of us!) somewhere to escape to – an imagination workout.

Little and often is the key.
Find a genre, author, series, topic that interests your child.  Students can get advice from their peers, their English teacher or browse your  local bookshop or online  bookseller.
Get them into the habit of reading for just 15-20 minutes at the end of the day. This is much better than a two hour session once a week.
Encourage through example – talk about what you are reading too.
Value all kinds or reading – not just fiction novels: ‘The West Briton’, a national daily paper, a set of instructions for a product, a celebrity autobiography. Variety is important.

A KS3 reading list is available through Moodle.

A KS4 reading list is also available on Moodle. Please be mindful that some of the books listed are challenging, whilst others contain sensitive topics and mature content. We recommend that parents/ carers always check a book before reading.

Thank you for your continued support - The English Department

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