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Curriculum: Food

“Every kid in every school no matter their background, deserves to learn the basics about food - where it comes from, how to cook it and how it affects their bodies. These life skills are as important as reading and writing, but they've been lost over the past few generations. We need to bring them back and bring up our kids to be streetwise about food.”  Jamie Oliver

Richard Lander School’s Food Department is a busy, vibrant and popular department where you will find students enthusiastically preparing balanced and nutritious meals. The focus is to promote a love of cooking along with a lifelong commitment to healthy eating, whilst acquiring the knowledge and skills through practical work to become a competent cook. Students will cover a range of topics including the importance of healthy eating, planning nutritious diets, food safety and hygiene, wise shopping and budgeting skills enabling them to be responsible and discerning consumers of food.


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