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Curriculum: OFSTED - Gifted and Talented

In 2015, the school received a visit from 2 Ofsted Inspectors, focusing specifically on Gifted and Talented students. This was part of an Ofsted national survey and was a follow-up to a survey visit 2 years ago. The findings of the national survey will inform Ofsted in its annual report on Gifted and Talented students.

The inspection visit was a very positive experience both in terms of outcome and key message for the school. We are pleased that the progress of our Gifted and Talented students remains ‘good’ in the context of the national picture, and that provision both within and beyond the curriculum remains a real strength of the school. Our transition arrangements, both in preparation for secondary school and college beyond, was also positively judged.

Whilst the inspection judgement noted the very high standards in students’ books in most classes, we need to continue to work on consistency across all classes in each subject. This includes:
Ensuring Gifted and Talented students are able to work creatively and independently, engaging in high order and complex tasks
Ensuring teacher assessment is dialogic, allowing students more opportunity to make improvement as a direct result

This will continue to drive the work of subject leaders and the senior team in the coming weeks and months. 

Richard Lander School