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Curriculum: Trip to the Knowledge Spa


At the end of February we went to the Knowledge Spa where we participated in a number of activities and workshops. The day started off with a welcoming lecture. We then moved onto interactive stands which explored a variety of different professions in health and care.  The first workshop we went to was the child health workshop where we learnt about the different ways to handle babies who are internally ill, this was performed through ‘Nikki’ dolls which simulate babies for student nurses and even doctors and nurses who have been in the profession for a while. 

After the first workshop we went to the stimulation ward where we had a unique opportunity to see how training medical students carry out clinical activities. We had the chance to circulate the room and participate in number of theory challenges on how to care for patients who are in hospital through life like dolls, that had human responses, this included washing our hands properly to ensure no germs were left on our hands as people in this profession have to have lessons on this task from time to time. We also had a look at taking someone’s temperature and pulse rate. 

Lastly, we went into a room where there were trade stands from different colleges and universities which specialise in health and social care. They were there to help us to make decisions on what we wanted to do as a profession in the future and answer any questions we had. Overall it, it was a really great experience as all the students and teachers were very welcoming and so helpful with any queries that we had. We believe all the students that went will have a wider interest in the medical  profession and we would love to visit again. 

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