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Curriculum: Computing Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4, students can opt to study either Information Technology or Computer Science. In Computer Science, students follow the OCR Comptuer Science GCSE and in  Information Technology, students follow the OCR Creative iMedia course.

Computer Science GCSE expands on students' Key Stage 3 learning and focusses on:

  • System Architecture (using the Von Neumann model of computers),
  • Data Representation (Binary and Hexadecimal),
  • Networks (LAN, WAN, wired and wireless),
  • Security Systems (including legal responsibilities as well as cyber warfare and terrorism)  
  • Algorithms (pseudocode and flowcharts)
  • Programming Techniques
  • Programming Languages and facilities

The course is assessed in two 90 minute written examinations, paper one which assesses a students understanding of computer systems and networks and paper two which assesses a students understanding of programming and data representation. In addition there is a non-assessed required practical which allows students to investigate and develop their programming skills.

A curriculum overview calendar for Years 7-11 Computing is available here 

Additional information on Key Stage 4 ICT and Computing can be obtained by contacting 
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