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Curriculum: Maths

The brain is an amazing and unique tool. It is more sophisticated and complex than the most powerful computers being built today. Mathematics isn't just about arithmetic or memorising formulae; it's about problem solving, deducing truth, creating theories, exploring puzzles, discussing methods and different ways of working. 

The Mathematics curriculum aims to stimulate the curiosity of students by setting problems appropriate to their levels of ability and help them become confident in solving all manner of mathematical problem which comes their way. In doing so, students will become increasingly independent and able to apply their thinking to a range of mathematical context.

A keen mathematical understanding is fundamental to success across the curriculum and will help build the foundation for success at college, university, and in general living.

On top of a vibrant and engaging Mathematics curriculum, we provide opportunities for students to participate in a range of opportunities such as World Maths Day, National Maths Challenges and the Team Maths Challenge.

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