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Curriculum: Maths Key Stage 3

The focus of Years 7, 8 & 9 is to enable students to improve their problem solving skills through a range of tasks which promote independent learning. Students consolidate their number skills by focusing on mental and written methods of calculation, fractions, decimals and percentages. Algebra is introduced using an investigatory approach to underpin the core techniques and then advanced to more difficult concepts. 

Students also continue to develop their knowledge of geometry and measures. In statistics, students are encouraged to develop their comparison skills by undertaking their own projects. Grouped and paired activities are provided to promote discussion and peer learning. Students are encouraged to communicate their findings orally and in writing using correct notation and mathematical terminology.

Mathematical thinking is promoted and students learn to work in a systematic and logical way, appreciating the power and beauty of mathematics along the way.

In line with the school’s Key Stage 3 assessment 'life after levels' system, students are assigned to one of three baselines; Foundation, Intermediate and Higher.

A curriculum overview calendar for Mathematics is available here:

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