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Curriculum: Maths Key Stage 4

All Year 10 & 11 students study GCSE Mathematics either at Higher or Foundation Level, according to their level of ability.  Some students will also have the opportunity to study for the Edexcel Entry Level Certificate in Mathematics and the Edexcel Awards in Number and Measure. For students with a particular keenness to study Mathematics, they can also choose to study GCSE Statistics as part of their GCSE options curriculum.

The GCSE course is designed to develop an understanding of key mathematical concepts including number and algebra, geometry and measures, and statistics and probability. The GCSE specification requires students to have a good understanding of problem solving skills and broader mathematical understanding.  Our focus therefore is to enable students to deduce appropriate methods to solve problems in real-life contexts and to decide for themselves how to tackle a question and to choose the maths they will use. 

Our aim is to ensure that all students achieve their full potential in Mathematics. We also aim to develop students' interest and engagement in a subject which should always be exciting, invigorating and highly rewarding.

The topics covered at Foundation and Higher level throughout years 10 & 11 are listed below 












Graphs, tables & charts

Interpreting and representing data


Fractions & Percentages

Fractions, ratio & percentages


Equations, Inequalities & Sequences

Angles & Trigonometry





Averages & Range

Area & Volume


Perimeter, Area & Volume 1

Transformations & Constructions



Equations & Inequalities





Ratio & Proportion

Multiplicative Reasoning


Right-angled triangles

Similarity & Congruence



More Trigonometry


Multiplicative Reasoning

Further Statistics


Construction, Loci & bearings

Equations & Graphs


Quadratic equations & graphs

Circle Theorems


Perimeter, Area & Volume 2

More Algebra


Fractions, Indices & Standard form

Vectors & Geometric proof


Congruence, Similarity and Vectors

Proportion & graphs


More Algebra


A curriculum overview calendar for Years 7 -11 Mathematics is available here

For details of the objectives that are covered in these topics, please click on the links below.

Foundation Tier Objectives

Higher Tier Objectives

Alongside these objectives are Mathswatch clip numbers which can be used to support students’ independent revision and preparation for termly assessments and the GCSE exam in the summer of year 11.

We also offer Statistics as a Twilight GCSE with sessions run once per week from the spring term of year 10. To view what this course covers, please click here to view the exam specification.

If you have any further questions please contact:

Mr A Gell - Deputy Team Leader - Mathematics 

Mrs L Fox - Deputy Team Leader - Mathematics

Mr D Moulder - Team Leader - Mathematics 



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