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Curriculum: French Hat & Sombrero Day 2018

Report by Matilda Santolamazza and Elizabeth Garvican
Monday 8th of October was a Spanish and French hat day for year seven to enjoy. There were sombreros, Eiffel towers, and even edible hats! There were many spectacular designs celebrating the culture of many French and Spanish speaking countries including: Niamh’s flamenco girl hat, Davi’s edible sombrero with nachos and Toby’s tapas hat (which was a hit with many of his hungry classmates!) The French hats featured: ski slopes, the Tour de France, croissants and pain au chocolat. Our personal favourites included: Amelie’s ‘Escape to the Chateau’ hat, based on where her aunt will get married in 2020, congratulations for two years’ time! Another was a headdress made of real (stale) baguettes!
However there could only be three winners for each population…
Congratulations to the following:
For Spanish hats the winners were:
1st Ollie
2nd Taryn
3rd Josh
For French hats:
1st Amy
2nd Holly
3rd Joe
For extra information, we had an exclusive interview with the winner of the Spanish hat’s older sister! She can exclusively reveal that the letter A on Ollie’s first place winning hat was upside down and the horses were originally unicorns spray painted black and with the horns cut off! (They were meant to be bulls) We wouldn’t have noticed if she hadn’t pointed it out as the final creation looked fantastic!
We hope everyone enjoyed the event and are very proud of all of their fabulous hats!



Richard Lander School