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Curriculum: RLS French Exchange - Navarrenx

RLS French Exchange—Navarrenx


Report and photographs  by Dan Ward - Year 9

Before May half term 15 RLS students travelled to Navarrenx in southern France to spend a week with our French correspondents.
The Navarrenx students had visited us in December 2018 on the first leg of the exchange and we had shown them the sights of Cornwall.  
After a 12 hour journey we arrived at college des RempArts where we met the Headteacher, our correspondents and their parents. It was great to see our French friends again. The Headteacher announced that he expected us to speak French at all times as he didn’t speak a word of English!
We then went to the family homes of our exchange students for the weekend. Although it all felt a bit strange initially, by the end of the first day I felt very comfortable around Estaban’s family and there was lots of fresh bread which tasted much better than English bread.

Over the weekend some students visited the Lindt chocolate factory, but we stayed in the village and played lots of ping pong and visited Tom and his exchange partner who were just down the road.  
On Monday we went back to le college des Remparts where we had 2 lessons, mine were geography and English. In geography we learnt the lifecycle of a t-shirt in French, in English we had a trivia quiz and I won. On Tuesday we visited the aquarium in Biarritz, we took lots of photos and watched local people going about their business. After that we had free time, I bought a Kit Kat flavoured ice cream and visited a librairie and Tom starred in a local YouTuber’s video. With Tom and his correspondent we went on a tour du velo (cycling tour) which went past the English teacher’s house.
On Wednesday we went back to school for a French grammar lesson and the teacher taught us about Napoleon 3rd and how Biarritz was used by his armies.  We also had a Spanish lesson but I didn’t understand much! After school we went into Navarrenx to visit the market stall, I bought myself a baguette. School finished at 12:35 as French students have Wednesday afternoons off.
On Thursday, during the school day we went to Pau, where we caught a cable car up to King Henry 4th’s house and saw an impressive well. We walked through the town with free time to explore. I bought really sour sweets and fed them to Ms Hargrave’s husband. He didn’t like them.
Then we went bowling and I came second.
On Friday we left the school to travel back to England. At the airport one of our teachers had her cheese confiscated as it was soft cheese and only hard cheese is permitted. The flight was delayed for 10 minutes but the bus was also delayed in England so we eventually got home at around 10pm.

I had a great time visiting my French family and would recommend this trip to any students who are thinking about participating in the future.


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