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Curriculum: RE Key Stage 4

Students who have opted to take the Full Course GCSE follow AQA exam board, specification A route A, Christianity and Islam.

Year 10 - Within this year we cover: Christian beliefs, Christian practices, Islamic beliefs, Islamic practices.
This will be all the subject knowledge for paper 1 of the exam. We conclude the year by starting on one of the four themes required for paper two; Relationships and families.

Year 11 - We cover the final three themes; Crime and punishment, Peace and conflict, Religion and Life. We then revise and make ready for the GCSE exam with lots of revision.

All students not taking the GCSE qualification have a legal entitlement to Religious Education. Details of this can be found on the Personal Development page of the web-site as both subjects are combined into a non-examined course in religion, ethics and personal development

Visiting guest speakers have a valuable input into the curriculum, sharing their personal perspective on matters of faith and religion.

A curriculum overview calendar for Years 7-11 Religious Education is available here 

For the AQA Religious Studies exam specification please click here

If you have any further questions please contact 

Mrs V Downing - Head of RE / PD

Richard Lander School