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Curriculum: Salters' Chemistry Festival

Salters' Chemistry Festival

On the 4th June, 2019, the science department took four Year 8 students to Truro College to compete in the Salters’ Chemistry Festival.
The students started the day with the Salters’ Challenge. Aderyn, Gerran, Kirstin and Oliver worked in two pairs to identify a missing metal by process of elimination. They reacted metals with different types of acid, and used chromatography to work out the identity of the thief. The second challenge was The College Challenge. The students needed to raise and lower the temperature of two solutions using their knowledge of exothermic and endothermic reactions. They were judged on technique, precision, report writing and team co-operation.
The Richard Lander students were awarded 3rd Prize in The College Challenge. They won a selection of goodies to take home, a certificate, and a Molymod kit to make model molecules for the science department.
The day ended with a Chemical Magic Demonstration in the lecture theatre. Well done to this year’s team!

Mrs E Bond
Teacher of Science

Richard Lander School