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Curriculum: Science Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4, students can opt to take one of the following pathways in Science:

  • Triple Science (GCSE Biology, GCSE Chemistry and GCSE Physics)
  • Combined Science (2 GCSEs)

During Years 9, 10 and 11 our students follow the recognised  'Kerboodle AQA GCSE Sciences 9-1' schemes of work for science. In Year 9, as part of the options process, students need to decide if they will study Triple Science or Combined Science at GCSE.  We encourage students to take the Triple Science option as it is an excellent foundation for studying science based A Level courses at college and leads to a wide range of career options. However, we also recognise that for other students, whose college interests may lie elsewhere, that the Combined Science option provides an excellent foundation for scientific study at Key Stage 5.

Both the Triple Science and Combined Science courses are very similar in structure, involving several modules covering all aspects of Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  These are examined terminally at the end of year 11. All GCSE courses follow the AQA 9-1 specifications.  (GCSE Biology 8461, GCSE Chemistry 8462, GCSE Physics 8463 and GCSE Combined Science Trilogy 8464)

Textbooks and resources are available online through the Kerboodle website, every student has an individual log-in.  Revision guides are also available to purchase from school.

Biology: Triple and Combined Science

• Cell biology (Y10)

• Organisation (Y10)

• Infection and response (Y10)

• Bioenergetics (Y10)

• Homeostasis and response (Y11)

• Inheritance, variation and evolution (Y11)

• Ecology (Y11)

Chemistry: Triple and Combined Science

• Atomic structure and the periodic table (Y10)

• Bonding, structure, and the properties of matter (Y10)

• Quantitative chemistry (Y10)

• Chemical changes (Y10)

• Energy changes (Y10)

• The rate and extent of chemical change (Y11)

• Organic chemistry (Y11)

• Chemical analysis (Y11)

• Chemistry of the atmosphere (Y11)

• Using resources (Y11)

Physics: Triple and Combined Science

• Energy (Y10)

• Electricity (Y10)

• Particle model of matter (Y10)

• Atomic structure (Y10)

• Forces (Y11)

• Waves (Y11)

• Magnetism and electromagnetism (Y11)

• Space physics - Triple Physics only (Y11)


A curriculum overview calendar for Years 7-11 Science is available here

For additional information relating to the Science curriculum at Key Stage 4, please email

Mrs E Bond - Key Stage 4 Science


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