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Our School: Welcome from Head Students

It is an incredible honour for us to be the Head Students of Richard Lander this year. Throughout our time here, we have been presented with many opportunities by the school and we have experienced so much support from our teachers and peers during the last 4 years. We are happy to be able to give back to the school after everything the school has done for us. 

As we move into our final year here, we hope to positively impact the school and make a difference, as well as inspire younger students to pursue their ambitions. As part of the Head Student and Deputy Head Student team, we would like to focus on three main areas: sustainability, equality and opportunity. Sustainability involves making sure our school is more environmentally friendly for the future and is kinder to the planet. We would also like to make the school more sustainable for future generations of students. Equality involves the inclusivity of everyone and ensuring everyone feels able to express themselves and feel comfortable and confident within their learning environment. Finally, we would like to ensure every student gets the same opportunities that we have been privileged to have.

We are so excited for the academic year ahead and we look forward to assisting the school within these roles.

Arya, Freya, and Gerran


Arya, Freya, and Gerran

Richard Lander School