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Parents: County Lines & Nude Selfies


ThinkUKnow offers excellent advice for both parents and students on internet safety. This month they are running a campaign to raise awareness of nude selfies.
For some myth-busting information on nude selfies please click here

If, as a parent, you are asking any of these 7 questions:
What is a nude selfie?
 Are all young people taking nude selfies?
Why would my child share a nude selfie?
How do I even begin to talk to my child about this?
When should I be worried?
My child has shared a nude - where can I get help?
It is illegal to send nude selfies - will my child get in trouble?
please visit this webpage.

You may have heard about the disturbing crime known as ‘county lines’ in the news. Please see the flier on the left to know how to spot the signs. 


Richard Lander School