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Parents: Year 6 Parents

The move from Year 6 to Year 7 is an important point for primary school children and for their parents.  As a school, we do our best to ensure that this transition is supported through lots of contact with the school and opportunities for both parents and children to meet students and staff at Richard Lander.

Transition arrangements will include opportunities such as:

  •     Collaborative primary school days at Richard Lander School (for example, creative writing days, sports days and so on)
  •     Various gifted and talented workshops
  •     2 induction days in the summer term
  •     Visits by senior staff at Richard Lander to feeder primary schools, to meet with parents and Year 6 students

Transition arrangements for Year 6 are co-ordinated by Miss Watts.  If any parent has an issue they would like to raise with her directly, please contact her through the link below. 

In 2021 we were unable to hold induction days so we hosted a summer school instead. Read all about this here.

Admissions to Richard Lander School, including the setting of the oversubscription criteria, are handled by the Local Authority (the Admissions Authority).  Parents are advised to read the Local Authority’s Admissions policy which can be found at: www.cornwall.gov.uk/admissions


Our admissions form is available here. 



If you have any questions about transition please contact 


Please visit our Year 5/6 Transition page for a link to our interactive map and a taste of life at Richard Lander School



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