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Parents: Year 6 Parents FAQ

What happens on my child's first day at school?

Your child will need to arrive at school by 8.30 a.m., upon which s/he will be guided to the main hall. Following a brief welcome talk, students will be escorted to spend time with their Tutor Group, where they will remain until 12 Noon. Lessons will then begin! For the first week, Year 7 students are allowed will be able to go to lunch 10 minutes earlier than the rest of the school and should they catch a bus home, they will be released from their last lesson 10 a few minutes minutes early.

My child is worried about getting lost in school.What advice should I give?

Don't panic! We understand that, in the early days, Year 7 students may well be a little confused. Do suggest they They should simply ask a teacher for directions, visit Student Support or ask an older student.

Tell me more about the vertical tutor grouping.

Our school is organised into four Learning Communities, that are composed of vertically-organised Tutor Groups. This means that the Tutor Group has a selection of students from Years 7 - 11 within it. This works well: we have noted that students, whatever their age, help and support each other. The vertical Tutor Groups have led to increased and positive confidence levels for our students.

When does the tutor group meet?

Tutor time lasts 10 minutes during morning registration (8.30 a.m. - 8.40 a.m.) and for 20 minutes in the afternoon (2.00 p.m. - 2.20 p.m.). These times will afford an opportunity for the group's Tutor to chat with your child and for your child to raise any issues with the Tutor.

Will my child get a locker?

Yes! You'll receive further details, regarding locks, at the start of the academic year.

Where do you recommend we buy the school uniform?

Trevails Uniform Shop, situated in Little Castle Street in Truro, is the sole supplier of Richard Lander School uniform. From trousers (Trevails supply appropriate trousers; we do not allow fashion-type trousers) to polo shirts, Trevails will guide you through the buying of appropriate uniform. Please note that the polo shirt has not only the Richard Lander School logo, but also the name of the Learning Community of which your child is a member.

What are the main issues that teachers have with uniform, which as a parent you may need our support?

Footwear: we request that plain black shoes with no logos or fashion accessories are worn. Only black shoes allowed. We recommend formal shoes although all black skate shoes are allowed. There should be no logo on all black shoes
Trousers: these should be plain black cotton trousers; no denim, no fashion logos or inappropriate fashion buttons down the side or front of the trousers. (Best to buy trousers from Trevails or the "school section" of retailers such as M&S, but not fashion retailers such as New Look.)
Sweatshirts: only the RLS sweatshirt or fleece is allowed. Hoodies are not to be worn, even to or from school. Any jacket should be a waterproof one, not a fashion one.

If uniform is worn with pride from the outset, there should be no concerns raised over uniform.

Tell me more about your jewellery and make-up regulations?

Make up should not be worn. A simple pair of earrings can be worn, but no more than one earring per ear. One simple ring can be worn on each hand. We do not allow bracelets.

When is the canteen open?

The canteen is open from 8 a.m. until the start of the school day, when students may purchase drinks and breakfast items e.g. a croissant. At 10.45 a.m. the canteen re-opens for mid morning snacks and then at 1 p.m. for an hour to provide lunch. Students who bring in a packed lunch are also welcome to use the canteen.

What equipment should I buy my child for their first day at school?

Pens, pencils (including coloured ones) are a must, as is a ruler. Maths of course would like every child to ensure they have their own protractor, pair of compasses, an eraser and an highlighter pen. A calculator will also be required. A suitably sized pencil case could will be needed to safely store the items.

What trips and visits will my child be able to take part in, during their first term at school and beyond?

Richard Lander school enriches the curriculum through a variety of visits during Year 7 and beyond. Opportunities to bring alive real life stories, in English lessons, can be found through a visit to Bodmin Gaol. Skills can be further developed through looking at the works of artists during a visit to Newlyn art galleries. Both these trips are enjoyed during the first term of Year 7.

During the summer term, Curriculum Enrichment Week affords opportunities to undertake school based and free activities, coupled with out of school trips (that have a cost) including canoeing down the Ardeche Gorge in France. Should your child consider the Ardeche trip to be an exciting one, encourage them to start to save their pocket money now!

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