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Pastoral Care: Transition to Richard Lander School

It is important to all of us at Richard Lander School that new students joining us feel they know the school well before they start in Year 7 so they can start their education at at our school with confidence and a smile.

Our induction actually starts in Years 4, 5 & 6 when we welcome students in for all manner of activities: sporting events, musical and dance projects, gifted and talented subject based days, creative writing days and so on. Our staff and students also work at times in the primary school context, so we are familiar faces in all our primary feeder schools.

Once families have made Richard Lander School their secondary school of choice in Year 6, there is a range of activities on offer including a 2 day induction in the summer term, where Year 6 students get to meet their new classmates and get to do lots of exciting educational activities.

In 2021 we were unable to hold induction days so we hosted a summer school instead. Read all about this here.

When they start in Year 7, each student will be 'buddied' with an older member of their vertical tutor group.  This is one of the reasons why the vertical tutor system works so well as it offers the chance for older students to mentor new Year 7 students through their first year at school.

In the first term at Richard Lander School, parents are able to meet with their child's tutor, and also meet other Year 6 parents whose child is in the same tutor group.  This also provides an opportunity for parents to give some feedback to the school regarding the first few weeks, and we do value this communication.

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