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Introducing Our New Head Boy and Head Girl

Added 9 years ago


In the first week of term a surprised but very pleased Tom Whitworth and Maya Sheldon emerged from the Heads office having been told that they have been selected as Head Boy and Head Girl for this academic year. This announcement was delayed from its usual date at the end of the summer term as Tom was on the Lander Uganda trip.
The selection process involved candidates writing a letter of application and a whole staff consultation. It was agreed by all that both Tom and Maya would be a credit to the school and would also be well able to represent the school at functions throughout the year. Tom has already proven himself to be an excellent public speaker at the annual Open Evening for year 6 students and their parents last Thursday.
Here are the acceptance statements that Maya and Tom have written:

“ I am so happy to receive this honour of being Head Girl. It means a lot to be able to work with my peers and staff to take forward the students’ opinions to the people who can make a difference. I try hard in every aspect of school and it’s great to be rewarded with such a respected role. I look forward to working with the student body and maintaining the school’s outstanding reputation.”
Maya Sheldon

“ It’s such a privilege to receive this title from my teachers who I have worked with since I was in year 7. They have built up my confidence and self-esteem; making me a stronger and better person. I hope in my time as Head Boy that I can give back as much as I have received, and I am looking forward to helping others and truly living up to my role.”
Tom Whitworth

We wish Tom and Maya the very best in their new role at Richard Lander School.



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