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What's Going On: Lander4Uganda 2018

Lander4Uganda 2018—Records Broken, Memories Made!

In July 2018, 65 students and 14 members of staff travelled to Uganda to visit our partner schools and to distribute funds raised throughout the previous year. This was to be a RLS record-breaking trip in so many ways, with more than double the amount of students and staff on the trip than ever before.  Logistics meant that the team needed to be split into 2 groups - Red and Gold -  and travel in rotation to 4 different working locations before all meeting up at the end, to celebrate the hard work, at Murchison Falls Safari Park.

L4U 2018 had proven to be superb fundraisers and had smashed all previous records with a grand total of £28,000 raised through sleepovers, bag packs, head shaves, hosting individual fundraising events, doing odd jobs for friends and family, selling treats in school…etc etc

Our local community were extremely supportive, with many businesses donating prizes to the online auction which raised nearly £2000 and Chacewater Bowling Club, with Aaron Worgan, holding an all day event with food and karaoke which raised in excess of £1000! In addition, L4U 2018 collected fantastic donations—local football teams donated kit, B&Bs donated sheets, pharmacists donated bandages, businesses donated stationery, L4U families raided their cupboards and provided clothes, books and toys..

Parents also made a huge difference to both the fundraising effort and to helping with the mammoth task of packing over a ton of donations into 80 suitcases to the maximum weight allowable in the presence of each and every student - Miss Wright still thanks her lucky stars for the ’packing angels!’

The team departed Truro on 29th June, knowing that they had an opportunity to make a very real difference to hundreds of Ugandan children and their wider community. Following a 24 hour journey, which was improved by Emirates’ selection of films and steady stream of meals,  the team arrived in Entebbe where they spend the next few days acclimatising and visiting a chimpanzee sanctuary on Ngamba Island. On day 3 everyone headed for the equator where the two teams enjoyed a final meal together before splitting up to concentrate on the working part of the trip. Over the next 2 and half weeks, having visited Bukomansimbi, Kamuzinda, Bujakko Island and Loweero schools, L4U achieved an impressive amount of work. Following their return to the UK many jobs were completed and the final list of work done includes:   Extension and renovation of dormitories in 3 schools, painting exterior walls of both Kamuzinda primary school and Loweero schools, building new toilet blocks and washrooms in 4 schools—Bujakko, Kamuzinda, St Jude’s Jasimu, the transformation of a derelict classroom into an equipped food and nutrition room in Kamuzinda, a classroom extension to Jasimu school, laying of a floor in the new school hall at Loweero and the digging of a new well at Bunjakko Island.
In addition L4U tackled termite mounds, taught lessons, brightened up classroom walls with murals and dug a fire pit. Food parcels and bras were distributed, along with sports kits and children’s clothes, students hosted a sports day and a talent competition.  School bags were decorated and distributed and around 1000 children benefitted from a goodbye party and feast!

All the staff on the trip agreed that the Richard Lander School students were superb ambassadors for our school, they worked incredibly hard; approaching all tasks with positivity and humour; and were a joy to be around. In the evenings, following a hard day’s work, students played football and volleyball with their Ugandan counterparts, or enjoyed babysitting the resident toddlers. Lifelong friendships were made and birthday parties and leaving feasts were enjoyed by all.
At the end of the trip, the united team were rewarded with a trip to the Murchison Falls Safari Park where they drove across the prairie in open top Jeeps to see giraffes, lions, hippos and crocodiles in their natural habitat, before returning to the hotel to relax in the pool and enjoy the outstanding ‘all you can eat’ buffets.

Lander 4 Uganda 2018 kept an extensive blog. If you would like to know more about what happened or if you are considering going on the trip in the future, please visit
lander4uganda2018.wordpress.com or ask anyone from last year’s team. 

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