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Curriculum: Design and Technology

Our School specialism is 'Technology' and Design Technology is one of the lead subjects of this specialism.  The department has two 'Advanced Skills Teachers' who offer a range of professional support to colleagues in other schools and who have taken a lead role in county wide projects and initiatives.

At Richard Lander School, Design Technology is more than just a subject.  It is a place where project management skills, portfolio skills and independent learning skills are honed.  The effect of this is felt across the curriculum, which sees students being able to master big tasks and to break them down into smaller, successful steps.  Being confident learners is all about learning to become independent and to self-direct within a wider brief - this is why the design process helps students in their wider learning.

Beyond the curriculum, a range of exciting design and engineering based opportunities enable our students to further develop their skills.  As a result, each year sees students gaining county wide and at times national recognition through competitions such as the Designed in Cornwall award or Young Chef competition. 

Additionally, our Green Power Car team has been developing its race car for a number of years and has represented the county at national finals several times, winning various awards along the way.

Supporting the vision and development of future designers, engineers and entrepreneurs through a curriculum which seeks to engage and inspire.

Richard Lander School