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North Cornwall Book Festival

Added 3 years ago

By Caitlin Shaw
On Thursday 5th of October, a group of year nine students went to the North Cornwall Book Festival to participate in a number of workshops run by local authors. Each of them was about developing your writing in some way and were very helpful coming from authors who had directly contributed to the world of literature. 
After a briefing about the way the day would work, the schools were split into different groups and allocated to a writer. Our first one was Emily Barr, author of The One Memory of Flora Banks. Under her guidance, we created character and learned how to make the audience root for them—no matter how badly they behaved!
Once the session had concluded, we listened to a talk by Eleanor Updale on life in 1929 and how a character in one of her books (Johnny Swanson) put fake adverts in the newspapers to earn money. She handed round interesting objects that had inspired her before inviting us to pick random items—such as some headphones—out of a bag and make a story out of them.
Finally, we were addressed by poet Matt Windle. To teach us how to make rhymes and half-rhymes, he performed a short piece of his about being in school and brainstormed some example ideas on the board with us. When the basics were learnt, it was tune to make up our own! All of them had to have the phrase “I wanna hear poetry” every other line along with words on the end that rhymed. At the end, they were all performed to the class. 
Overall, the event was a huge success and was enjoyed by everyone who attended. We hope it runs again next year!
Richard Lander School