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Year 8 Employability Workshop with Richard Lander Alumni teaches students ‘Don’t be afraid to fail!’

Added 3 years ago

by Molly and Leah

Today, a large selection of Year 8 students were chosen to take part in a workplace inspired activity. The workshop focused on different skills and mind sets that are essential when in a working environment. We met seven former students from Richard Lander and discussed their journey from education to educating.
During the event, we parted to 5-7 smaller groups; there we analysed different scenarios, and how to respond to them. Jess, a ex-student, musician and sound engineer told us that he had finally found his passion for being a company director, and shared an unforgettable memory of his; finding a positive outcome in this scenario, seemed impossible...  He was drilling holes in a wall (In order to build in speakers), in the process of doing this he burst a water pipe… which trailed to a wine cellar! As if it were a cartoon, he had stuck his finger in the hole to prevent anymore leaking. Thankfully, it worked, however he had to stay there until his client found him, after 10 minutes. His customer was mortified and was fuming with rage, Jess stayed calm and collected, instructing him to do the following: “you can kill me later, but right now you need call the plumber”. The unlikely result of this accident, due to Jess’s initiative is that he ended up in a better than ever situation, considering that his costumer is fond of him now and is a regular customer. One of his best quotes (in our opinion) is “don’t be afraid to fail” as it applies to everything and applauds taking risks.

Eventually we reached the highlight of the day when we were instructed to build a tall, free-standing tower from straws and tape in only 2 minutes. This final task tested our team work skills, patience and quick thinking..

Are you a RLS ex-student? Would you consider signing up with Future First to share your ‘life after Lander’ journey with our current students? We are working with Future First to create a database of alumni who are willing to share their stories and experiences with current students. We know that alumni can be inspirational role models and we invite  anyone who is interested to sign up at the website below. Your involvement can end at filling in the form or you can volunteer to come into school and participate in events. It is up to you!



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